Circle and Triangle

about me

I‘m a 20 year old software developer from India, and I like making useful things!
It all started when I was 16, and the first language I used was Java.

Over the years I‘ve picked up many new skills and worked with many different languages and frameworks.
I love learning about new things, and my curiosity has led me to playing around with esoteric languages like Haskell and editors like Vim and Emacs.

However, my focus is currently on:
Mobile App Development - either native Android apps using Kotlin, or with Flutter or React Native.
Web Development - mainly back-end using Javascript / Typescript, Kotlin, GoLang, or Rust, and occasionally front-end using React.

I‘m also a Linux enthusiast and have spent a considerable amount of time messing with kernels.

In my free time, I learn Japanese and play the keyboard and the guitar, although I‘m incredibly rusty at it now.

And oh, I like cats!